Motorbike Crash Claims

Motorbike Crash Claims

There is an established process for making motorbike crash claims when you have been injured in a motorbike accident for which you were not wholly responsible. Obviously the priority is your health, and many people reading this page will have already sought medical attention (If you have not already had a medical examination, do not wait any longer, as a delay can affect the value of motorbike crash claims for compensation). Thereafter, if your injuries were due to the negligence of another road user, it is important that you report your motorbike crash to the police if they did not attend the scene of the accident.

This web site is about motorbike crashes in the UK. For general personal injury claims information, please refer here or here.

Reporting a Motorbike Crash to the Police

Ideally, this procedure should be carried out within 24 hours of your motorbike crash and, although it is not important to allege responsibility for the accident, the police may ask you for further details than those listed below if they believe a criminal act has been committed. Any investigation they make due to your report should strengthen any motorbike crash claims for compensation you intend to make.

You need to advise the police of:-

  • The exact location, date and time of the accident
  • The names, addresses and contact details of those involved in the accident — including your own
  • The contact details of those who may have witnessed your motorbike crash
  • The make and registration number of every vehicle that was involved
  • The vehicle insurance company and policy numbers of the other drivers
  • The weather conditions and state of the road
  • What injuries you sustained

If you have been able to return to the scene of your motorbike crash and take photographs of where the accident happened, this will help with some of the questions that the police may ask you.

You should keep a copy of the report that is made in the police “Road Traffic Accident” book to present to a solicitor when you discuss motorbike crash claims, as this — together with your medical records — will be the basis of making a personal injury motorbike crash claim for compensation.

Other Motorbike Crash Claims

Not all personal injury motorbike crash claims for compensation are due to the negligence of another road user. Around a quarter are due to a defect in the road surface, faulty mechanical engineering or diesel spills which, although caused by a negligent road user, fall under the category of “Other Motorbike Crash Claims” as the negligent driver who has overfilled their fuel tank is impossible to trace.

Reports of your motorbike crash should be made to the authority responsible for the defective road surface (which might not necessarily be the local council, the fault could lay with a utility company who has been digging up the road), the motorbike retailer or garage who last serviced your bike, or the Motor Insurers´ Bureau who deal with motorbike crash claims for compensation when the negligent driver is untraceable.

Get Legal Advice on Motorbike Crash Claims

It should also be made a priority to speak with a personal injury solicitor about making personal injury motorbike crash claims for compensation to ensure that you are following the correct procedures and especially to have an assessment of how much compensation motorbike crash claims could be worth. Frequently motorbike crash claims for compensation are hijacked by the negligent party´s insurance company making an offer of early settlement which is entirely inappropriate to the extent of your injuries.

A solicitor will advise you of the potential value of a motorbike crash claim for compensation based on previous settlements achieved by negotiation or litigated in court, and add any additional considerations which need to be taken into account such as psychological injury, loss of amenity and any financial expenses that you may have incurred. As no two motorbike crash claims for compensation are identical, it is essential that you are in receipt of this information to ensure that you do not inadvertently accept an inappropriate offer which later leaves you undercompensated and unable to pay medical bills or support your family.

Motorbike Crash Claims Motorbike Crash Claims
Motorbike Crash Claims

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Motorbike Crash Claims

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Motorbike Crash Claims
Motorbike Crash Claims
Motorbike Crash Claims

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